This week we are finally opening the first ever version of SQUAD SOCIAL App to our Beta Testers to take a look at, play around with and give us some feedback!

YES that's right, the first stage of our App is up and running and we are undergoing Beta Testing . We’re all SUPER excited at the SQUAD SOCIAL HQ to share some of these early developments and things are stepping up here in a really big way! We need your help gathering feedback on the app, so please do drop us an email about Beta Testing for us and becoming a part of a really exciting and revolutionary project. We’re still doing lots of work on the construction of the App but the first stage is up and running and ready to be tested by you.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the lay out and how we can improve this experience for you. We especially want to know what groups and communities you’d like to find on the platform.

Want to get involved with Beta Testing?

Complete out Beta Testing form here:


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