BOOM! Our debut is gonna turn heads.

We're building SQUAD SOCIAL to be the platform for queer people to connect based on common interests - beyond bars and hook-up apps.

And at SQUAD HQ we have been completely geeking out seeing SQUAD SOCIAL come to life! Want a sneak peak?

Jealous? Don't be. You'll get your own copy of SQUAD SOCIAL within weeks.

An Iconic Favicon

We chose the asterisk (internally we call this the "meeting point symbol") as our Favicon for your home screen. Why?

Our Creative Director, Vanessa, says:

"Firstly, the meeting point symbol shows people coming together which is one what our platform is all about
Secondly, an asterisk tells us that there's more to our story than meets the eye. Every queer person is more than one thing so we think it's a really playful way of saying "there's more to me than you might realise".

Creating what we couldn't find

We wanted a way to find and meet queer people with common interests to us, so we went away and built a platform to do just that. Here's a few pics to show what we've come up with.

This is the landing page - diving straight into queer communities you have joined during sign-up. Who's in there? What will you see? One way to find out!

L, G, B, T and beyond. We are for the whole community. No exceptions. They/them? We ask for your pronouns and sexuality upfront.

Not long now... If you haven't already signed-up to our newsletter or beta tester community don't forget to do so here.

Big love.xx


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