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Introducing Rob, Founder and CEO

Hey, I'm Rob. For over 15 years I've lived and breathed change projects in big corporates, though until this last summer I was Managing Director at an LGBT dating site, Gaydar.

I started Squad because I know first hand how hard it can be to connect with other people in the LGBT community in non-sexual ways.

Rob Curtis, Founder and CEO of Squad Social

When I moved to London from Australia I found it really hard to find gay friends I had stuff in common with. After months in bars and on dating apps, I joined the London Spikers (a gay volleyball club) and found the people who would go onto become my London family.

Thanks to that experience I got to travel around the world, have kick-ass people to have a laugh and a cry with, and a genuine support network of people that I have lots in common with. Since then I’ve joined a gay Crossfit group, a professional network for LGBT people in Tech and now focus on ways I can improve the life of queer people.

I founded Squad to “pay it forward” and hopefully give more people the opportunity to connect with queer people around interests and events. Our vision at Squad is to improve the wellness of queer people by connecting them with the amazing people doing cool stuff.


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