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Meet Emmanuelle

Updated: Dec 15, 2018


Hi, I’m Emmanuelle and I work on the the Community and Marketing aspect at Squad. This means that I'm responsible for producing the visual content for our social media accounts (, as well as our website and newsletter. I'm also going to be running outreach to local communities including all of the wonderful gay and lesbian sports clubs, queer activists, groups fighting for trans rights, gay parenting societies and much more.

Emmanuelle is our Community and Marketing Guru

I have a background in editorial production, I like to dance (a lot) and there's nothing I love more than to squeeze as many Queer events as possible into my weekends!

When I first came out as sexually Fluid in my second year of university, I was lucky enough to be totally embraced into Oxford’s huge, vibrant and inclusive LGBTQ+ community. I fell into a circle of Queers who shared a similar aesthetic and creative vision and wanted to create magazine content, fun photoshoots, write scripts or work on events with me. Almost all of these people remain some of the most spectacular and strongest sources of support and fun in my life, and are essentially my family.

I’m constantly astounded by the levels of creativity and talent amongst Queer people. I’d personally love to find an easy way of connecting with these people, hearing their stories, partying with them, learning from them, becoming their friends or collaboratives. Lucky for me, SQUAD.SOCIAL is on it’s way!


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