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Meet Marc

Marc Svensson is Squad's Product Research Advisor - Mental Health

Marc, Product Research Adviser, Mental Health

Marc's Background

Marc is a social psychologist whose research centres around improving mental health and the general wellbeing of minority and marginalised groups. His research focuses on understanding and analysing minority identity formation in its social context, and its subsequent role in mental health outcomes. He is currently completing his PhD at UCL (University College London) where he is researching young people with a non-binary sexual identity (pansexual and queer) as well as bisexual individuals, as these groups report even lower general wellbeing and suffer from more mental health issues than their gay and lesbian peers within the sexual minority community.

Marc on how Squad can help the LGBTQ+ community

We asked Marc for some thoughts on Squad and this is what he said. "Despite LGBTQ+ people experiencing more acceptance and integration offline and are more connected than ever online, they still suffer from more mental health problems and report higher levels of loneliness compared to their straight peers/general population. LGBTQ dating and hook-up social platforms have their purpose but often fail to provide long lasting and meaningful relationships. Indeed, the focus on body image on dating and hook-up sites is leaving LGBTQ+ identifying people with higher levels of anxiety and depression.

Squad will bridge this gap by helping LGBTQ+ people form more meaningful and long-lasting relationships through community participation on- and off-line."


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