Munroe & Our LGBTQ+ Community

To celebrate International Women’s Day, we thought we’d share some thoughts we have on Munroe Bergdorf: a woman we admire and respect a lot at SQUAD SOCIAL, and who has helped push for a huge amount of progress within the LGBTQ+ community.

Everyone in the Queer community knows who Munroe Bergdorf is. Strong, beautiful and unafraid to speak out when problematic situations arise, Munroe has taken a stand on racism, transphobia and other forms of discrimination.

With every month that passes, Munroe gains a greater and greater amount of respect from the community and from the world outside of our LGBTQ+ community also. Though an Activist, Munroe also walked at New York Fashion Week and is actively pushing for greater Trans representation within the Fashion industry and the wider media.

Munroe is undoubtedly one of the most well-rounded Role Models out there for young queer people. There are so many important lessons in the things she discusses that go a very long way in educating people within our community (as well as outside of the community) on issues they might not previously have been exposed to. Ultimately, what Munroe succeeds at doing again and again is uniting people in their understanding of intersectional LGBTQ+ issues and drawing Queer people together.

Munroe Bergdorf has had many moments where she has actively supported members of the LGBTQ+ community. Whether it’s promoting young LGBTQ+ artists and creatives on her instagram or collectively changing the minds of people on certain issues through her panel-discussions and documentary work or linking together young Queers; she has made a huge effort, and been successful, in bringing together LGBTQ+ people in multiple ways.

An example of Munroe supporting a Queer artist on Instagram.

At SQUAD SOCIAL, one of our favourite moments of hers is when she addresses LGBTQ+ people in a video entitled ‘A Qween’s Speech’, emulating the yearly Queen’s Speech. In the video she celebrates the incredible progress we have seen in the last few years within the LGBTQ+ community: including Gay Marriage and an increase in Trans representation in the media, before then discussing the next steps needed to progress LGBTQ+ Rights.

How about you? Who inspires you the most? Who do you think helps bring together people within the Queer community?

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