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Product stuff Volume 3 - v1.1

We're really excited to have our first 500 Squaddies on the platform. Rome wasn't built in a day and we've reached this milestone in just under a month and still in Early Access.

We're celebrating this weekend with a major update to the app to fix a bunch of bugs that you're reported.

  1. We've introduced Video to the app so that you can upload and share videos with fellow Squaddies!

  2. We've switched on Push Notifications to keep you posted about what's happening.

  3. We've introduced a Friend Match widget to your feel so that you can see other users and what they've got in common. Why not make some new connections today?

  4. We've made it easier to post in a community. When you create a new post from within one of your communities, you'll no longer have to add the community hashtag (it'll add automatically).

  5. We've tweaked our discover algorithm so that you're encouraged to explore a little more.

  6. We've tweaked the design of the Community Home Page so it's clearer where to press.

  7. We've sped up the messaging so that it refreshes more often.

We're working day and night to improve our app to deliver on our mission to improve queer wellness by making it easier to connect to the community.

Big love! Rob@ Squad Social HQ!

Friend matching!


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