Squad Social at MozFest 2018

We’re really happy to have been invited to be participate at Intertech’s event at MozFest which is run by the folks behind Firefox. If you don’t know Intertech, it’s a professional network for queer people in the tech industry.

Intertech‘s event is entitled The Future of Dating Apps. We have a lot to learn from dating apps which are one of the main ways for queer people to meet each other online. Our Founder, Rob, used to run Gaydar, a 19 year old dating company so he knows quite a long list of do’s and don’t’s.

We hope to share our vision of helping queer people connect in ways other than just dating and hook-ups. Whether it’s belonging to a gay social club like , a lesbian sports team or a queer book club we think there’s plenty of opportunities to get involved in the queer community. Intimacy doesn’t just mean sex after all. :)


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