Fun Times for SQUAD SOCIAL at National Student Pride!

Updated: Feb 25, 2019

SQUAD SOCIAL are the official App partner for National Student Pride 2019 and we've had the time of our lives! What an incredibly inspiring day and what an honour it has been for SQUAD SOCIAL to be a part of it.

From the very beginning of the weekend, SQUAD SOCIAL team were of course, on full form. Our posters were up, hundreds of students downloaded our App and were making new friends via the various SQUAD SOCIAL communities: and our t-shirts looked HOT.

Merchandise range available soon, maybe...? ;)

Student Pride was the perfect opportunity for us to introduce our new LGBTQ+ social app to the people who will be using it the most in the coming months. The positive response and feedback we received from students over the course of the event has been absolutely overwhelming, and we are, frankly, pretty chuffed.

"Student Pride was an amazing start to building the SQUAD SOCIAL community." Says Rob Curtis, Founder and CEO of SQUAD SOCIAL. "We had the chance to help over 1500 attendees to make friends, connect with employers and find like minded people. It was a privilege to be the Official App Sponsor at such a wonderful event full of inspiring discussions, and future queer leaders."

Our Founder, Rob Curtis

As well as panel discussions, Student Pride hosted a range of career related events, live music from LGBTQ+ artists and EVEN a puppy therapy session.

At SQUAD SOCIAL, what we really loved about Student Pride was the huge sense of community and comradeship. As singer songwriter Leo Kalyan told us on the day, 'It's important to love your Queer friends, because they are your chosen family': and we just couldn't agree more. That is, after all, exactly what SQUAD SOCIAL is all about.

This year in particular, we are celebrating 50 years since the Stonewall Riots. Student Pride organised the most incredible speaker line-up in order to commemorate this pivotal moment in our history; including Ian McKellen, Reece King and Munroe Bergdorf!

SQUAD SOCIAL hosted a couple of fun activities too. We had photographers and even a video team floating around the event. We had particular fun asking students to describe themselves in three words for us, and some of the responses we received were absolutely iconic.

Meeting so many inspiring and beautiful young Queers had been the most amazing experience for us and we can't wait to show you what the next step is at SQUAD SOCIAL.

Watch this space 😘


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