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We're looking for a Co-Founder / CTO!

Updated: Oct 30, 2018

The role

We’re looking for a kick-ass CTO / Technical Co-Founder to join the team at Squad Social. Our new CTO will join the company mid-way through the development of our first release and will help us shape our overall technical roadmap and build a technical team. We’re open to a part-time or full-time applicants.

You’ll be leading our current technical development (native iOS and Android apps) and helping us to shape our technical roadmap as we expand our platform. We love working agile and while there’s only a small team at the moment, you’ll have an opportunity to provide leadership as we grow and scale.

We believe technology can help us make a real difference in the world and you should too. It’d be a bonus if you have previous experience working on social media apps, or in building sophisticated matching algorithms.

Why work at Squad?

• 35% of Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual people under 26 have attempted suicide • Bisexual and Gay women are 3-5x more likely to suffer mental health issues • More gay men die every year from suicide than from HIV • 77% of people using Grindr feel regret and shame after using the app • While there are lots of social and community groups doing great things, they’re hard to find and don’t have a platform for collaboration.

Squad is a new social platform for LGBT people and groups that’s focussed on wellness and common interests. Our vision is to build a platform where LGBT Groups can collaborate and LGBT people can build more intimate connections with people they have common interests with. We know we’re successful when we’ve improved people’s mental health and wellness.

The current founder has a solid background in digital and has worked for a leading LGBT dating company in the past. We’re also working with some great freelancers in UX research and Design, so we have a lot covered. But what will really take us to the next level is a technical co-founder to help us bring the platform to life.

We have received early seed funding to get us started and are raising funds to release our MVP in Q1 2019 and ramp up our marketing efforts.

What you’ll be doing

  1. Overseeing the development of our native iOS and Android apps, including overseeing the QA process working with our third-party vendor.

  2. To implement development changes based on feedback from beta users

  3. To build and develop new features to ensure we build a vibrant ecosystem for Individuals, Community Leaders and Brands.

You’ll report on how the development is proceeding and manage the overall plan and external delivery partners. You’ll also have an opportunity to shape the direction of our company by working closely with the CEO and other staff on the operating model and marketing strategy.

What you’ll bring to the table

  • Experience leading the development of native mobile apps using third-party

  • Ability to identify and develop new features based on a user-centric approach

  • Ability & desire to maintain and develop the current database infrastructure, with scalability in mind

  • The technical ability to help us build a responsive web experience to support the mobile apps to provide a better customer experience for our non-mobile partners

  • Understanding of what technologies in the mobile app space can provide us with opportunities to enhance customer and business value

  • Own the end-to-end development of all future enhancements, including managing the product backlog

What we’ll give you

You will be coming on board at a pivotal time for the company and will be involved in growing the team and building something that will influence LGBT wellness for years to come.

As a co-founder, you’ll have the opportunity to “own” the technical landscape and to be there from the beginning.

We have received the first tranche of angel investment and continue to fundraise. With that in mind, we would be offering equity only until we secure future funding.

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